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swimming and sunning and staying watching out for sharks

goodbye summer

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Love to shoot #college #gameday #woohoo @uofoklahoma @sooneralumni #football (at The University of Oklahoma)

having some fun in the sun for the last warm days of summer

Gratitude…image being published in Photographer’s Forum magazine’s 34th Annual.

Havana, Cuba 2014

saying goodbye to summer with flips flops, watermelon and the slip-n-slide!

#tbt remembering the #classiccars of Cuba #cuba #havana #flipagram #travel #snapshot #art #beautiful #instagood #picoftheday #photooftheday #color

the color, the light, the smells of Andre Martins de Barros’ studio in montmartre, as well as the lively face of the man himself…a dream session come true.

This is Paris!

As a self-taught artist he draws from his own imagination while working in harmony with these influences culminating in avery personal  style revealing constantly evolving styles and techniques.Working in a classic artist’s studio in the small quartier of Montmartre, passers-by can see Andre Martins de Barros at work through the large windows which light the studio.”

I felt so privileged to spend the afternoon in his brilliance!

This is Paris!

I like a little Dali on location with @the_same_axis @sharontabb @shelby_schwartz @bradriggan #photoshoot #greatlocation #surreal #sculpture

I find I am so fond of shooting some of my favorite buildings and monuments…icons to be sure…that i go a little crazy. Please help me choose a favorite!!!

This is The Arc de Triomphe and this is Paris!

Accepting the ice bucket challenge from @givemeliberte and going with Ben Franklin instead of the ice water. For ALS.Org I challenge @the_same_axis @shelby_schwartz @aubinvirginia (at Shevaun Williams & Associates, Commercial Photography, Inc.)

@unitedwaynorman and @unitedway in the house today. 2014 campaign is NOW! @centibot #unitedway #fundraiser (at Shevaun Williams & Associates, Commercial Photography, Inc.)

which neo-classical beauty is this? find out tonight on shevyvision

a hint, this is paris!

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